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    Love the classes, filled with excellent food and Jack is always answering questions with so much knowledge and kindness! Would recommend the classes, can't wait to see what else he comes up with!

    Emilia Amaro
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    Cooking classes with Jack is the best! Jack is very knowledgeable and so friendly. He always has a smile. His recipes taste great and make it easy to eat vegan style. Now he catering and selling some of his delicious food. Thank you Jack!!!

    Tricia Novak
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    I had the pleasure of learning about plant-based cooking and eating from Jack at a glorious weekend retreat. Jack was passionate yet not ever pushy with the information shared and really endeavoured to connect personally with each participant to meet us where we were at. I learned that it's not as hard as I thought to move towards plant-based eating, and Jack's food was out of this world delicious!

    Heather Begin-Kao
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    Jack is very passionate about vegan food and is always willing to share his knowledge. Not only have I participated in three of his classes, but has also made the food and it is fabulous! It is great to have a resource for learning, sharing and providing awesome food for us vegans!

    Cinzia Mastai Duguay
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    I attended a free class that Jack of The Empowered Vegan offered at Goodness Me (Brantford) last month, and I found it to be an excellent experience. It was both an interactive and informative class. Over the two hours, Jack answered our many questions and provided valuable insights into successfully preparing for a vegan diet (either full-time, or just to begin introducing vegan dishes into one’s diet).

    Jack’s broad knowledge base and style of presentation provided an accessible, manageable and practical approach to plant based living. I would highly recommend his class, to both the novice and the experienced vegan!

    Jennifer Lei
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    The two classes I attended were extremely informative and helped making the switch from vegetarian to vegan much easier! Plus, having the recipes to keep was great and everything was delicious!

    Leah Virr
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    I recently attended a vegan food demonstration that featured Jack - The Empowered Vegan. I was so inspired by his passion and creativity when it comes to vegan cooking. I immediately started telling people about Jack and recommending they follow the Empowered Vegan on Instagram. Jack makes vegan cooking fun and accessible. If you haven't taken an Empowered Vegan workshop with him yet, I would highly recommend that you do. You will have so much fun!!

    Cheryl Dowden
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    Had a great night at the Christmas dinner cooking class. Would highly recommend attending one of Jack's classes.!

    Kelly VanderMarel Steve Rajher
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    Jack is so generous, knowledgeable and fun. He will empower you to be you’re best self, in the kitchen and in the world!

    Emily Tomato
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    Jack makes vegan cooking fun, easy and AMAZING! Vegan food does not have to be boring or tasteless. The Empowered Vegan can show you how to make delicious food!
    Fiona J Fisher
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    Literally one of the most fun nights I have had, what a wonderful event and group of people to share an evening with, by the end of the night everyone felt like family!

    Jack was great and had such an amazing spirit about him. He was approachable and you can truly see his passion when he is teaching and interacting with everyone.

    Can't wait to attend my next class - Christmas Cookies!!!

    Erica Sharp
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    I had the pleasure of attending and participating in the recent Christmas vegan cooking class . Jack is a high energy, fun and knowledgeable vegan chef. After seeing the menu I wondered how 12 participants were going to pull off completion of all the dishes and sit down to have a meal together. Everything was timed perfectly and the food was flavourful. A good time was had by all. I now have a selection of recipes that I'll be preparing for my family Christmas. Thanks again, Jack.

    Adele Varao
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    Great cook and teacher. Wonderful ideas
    Veronica Richards-Miller
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    I had the pleasure of attending a seminar held by Jack at Goodness Me and i have to say along with valuable information, Jack’s enthusiasm gave me the shot in the arm i need to achieve the diet changes i want, to contribute to a healthier planet, to make better and ethical choices.

    I look forward to receiving my first email newsletter and to attend more classes held by The Empowered Chef.

    Ivana Tittoto
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    Attended a class at Goodness Me, Jack was awesome and very engaging with everyone , learned some great cooking tips. Food was incredible, I’ve been a vegan for 5 years, always good to learn new stuff!

    Lisa Pellerin
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    I had the pleasure of going through Jack's full 6-week program about a year and a half ago now and it was completely life-changing.

    I literally never thought I would be able to go fully plant-based because I am such a picky eater, but I felt so lovingly guided and the program was so tailored, yet comprehensive that by the end, I had a level of confidence in the kitchen I never thought would be possible.

    I owe my plant-based lifestyle almost solely to Jack and would HIGHLY recommend any of his courses, classes or content. 💚

    Kale Black
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    Jack can can show you how to make better food than your grandmother. Then you can really show her who's boss.
    Alex Kadet
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    I have been challenged to find vegan services in Hamilton. Pleased to find out about you.

    Beatrice Silver